Smart Switches

with frame variants for any situation

Cleverly combined

for Philips Hue, Casambi or EnOcean

The Hidden Socket | Versteckdose® 

Switch and socket combined

To trigger the mechanical opening support, just press lightly and the switch moves up automatically. To close, simply press down again to the closing position.

Replace an existing wired switch with a Hidden Socket | Die Versteckdose®, switch via radio and use the cables for an additional socket. 

With switch for these systems:


To be placed anywhere

With the adhesive pad

with mounting frame 

The smart switch that can be placed anywhere

With simple adhesive mounting, this radio switch can be placed wherever you need it, even on furniture - without any cables or flush-mounted box with switch. 

Available for these systems:


To cover

wired switch

with cover frame 

Covering cabled switches

With this radio switch, an existing wired switch can simply be mounted over and thus replaced - without any intervention in the electrical installation. 

Available for these systems:


As supplement

of the Hidden Socket | Versteckdose®

with connecting frame

Extending a Hidden Socket / Versteckdose®

This radio switch can supplement the Hidden Socket | Die Versteckdose® by a second radio switch and cover a 2nd flush-mounted box. 

Available for these systems:


Hidden Socket | Die Versteckdose®

A smart wireless switch and a classic power socket 

PC an der Versteckdose laden

Simply retrofit a power socket  

Behind almost every light switch there is also a socket outlet. Because ... what you need for the installation of the Hidden Socket | Versteckdose® is usually present in light switches: they are installed on a flush-mounted socket in which at least one house power cable is connected. 

You can find out more about the installation requirements in the Support section.


Funkschalter per App am Smartphone konfigurieren

Easily configured  

The wireless switch is fully compatible with the respective wireless system (Hue, Casambi, EnOcean, ZigBee). It is recognised by the respective system app or, if applicable, by the system central. It can therefore be easily integrated into an existing system and individually configured with system functions.

Smarter Funkschalter ohne Batterien

Switches without cable or battery 

The combination of an integrated energy converter and energy-efficient radio technology enables a switch without batteries and thus without maintenance.

Smarte Funktionen am Funkschalter nutzen

Controls your smart lamps  

All four switching points of the radio switch can be freely configured with functions of the respective system, e.g. with switching and control functions such as on/off, dimming, colour change, light scenes. Use this smart switch to control your Smart Home exactly the way you want it.

Available for these systems

Smart Lighting & Smart Home

Philips Hue  

The Hue smart lighting system includes versatile system components for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Casambi is a lighting system for residential and commercial spaces with many components from different manufacturers. 

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Das System EnOcean  

With the battery-free and thus maintenance-free wireless sensors and switches, EnOcean is the system for home automation.

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Retrofit and benefit 

Advantages of the Hidden Socket / Versteckdose® at your home

Eine Steckdose in praktischer Höhe installieren

The socket at a comfortable height

In addition to doors, the Hidden Socket can replace an existing light switch in order to use it temporarily at a convenient operating height, e.g. for vacuum cleaning. This operation without bending is particularly convenient for older people. 

About this product for the system:

Philips Hue       Casambi       EnOcean

Versteckdose am Esstisch nutzen

Aesthetically covering the socket

The Hidden Socket is a matter of design. For temporary use, the concealed socket can be used to retrofit a socket under the existing light switch. The advantage here is that this socket is discreet and is aesthetically covered by the light switch and only released when necessary.

Die Versteckdose am Bett nutzen

Light switch and socket by the bed

In the bedroom, it is worthwhile to retrofit a Hidden Socket. This way, the light can be conveniently switched on at an existing switch or socket and a mobile phone can be charged at the same time, for example.